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Ideas On How To Start Soul Winning

Ideas On How To Start Soul Winning

There is nothing like having peace in your heart knowing that you are saved through God’s grace. That peace can take you through all kinds of struggles in your life. You wish the people in your life can know what it feels like to have peace in their hearts because you see them struggle everyday with their problems. Well, now that you have the message in your heart, you have a task to share that message and to bring people to Christ. Here are some ideas on how to start soul winning.

A good way to start is by setting an example through your daily actions. A lot of people do not like to be preached to. If you talk a lot, they might not listen. However, you can deliver a message through your actions. Live a life centered on God. Show compassion to others. Be generous and helpful. Put the needs of others before your own needs. Thank God often for what He has given you. Let others know that you are not able to do these things without God by your side. When people see this example in you, they will see that your message about God’s love is genuine.

Another suggestion is that you want to look for an opportunity when the person is in need of support. Those who reach out for help are wonderful opportunities. If a person is hungry, get him some food. If he is cold, give him a coat. Let the person know that it is only through God’s generosity and love toward you that you are able to share this with him. This is a good time to share God’s message of salvation and how it has given you peace, peace that you want the person to have too. Pray with him and ask God to open his heart. The person will be touched through this gesture. Even if he does not say that he accepts God into his life in that moment, it is okay because God will work in his heart.

If you can, follow up with the individuals whom you have helped. They still remember your acts of kindness and the message about God’s salvation. Ask them if they need anything. Give them an opportunity to talk. If appropriate, bring along a brother or sister from your church community to offer assistance too. Invite the person to the church community that you are part of. Reach-out events are perfect for these opportunities.

There is not one perfect approach when it comes to how to start soul winning. It really depends on the situation and the environment that you are in. There are some common elements, however. Be genuine and humble when you talk to others. Show compassion and understanding when they tell you about their problems, and never judge them. Offer support and assistance, giving credit to God as your source of strength. You are planting the seed of the message in their hearts. God will make that seed grow.