"Teaching the Warrior Spirit through Self-Discipline and Self-Defense"

Weapons Training

Traditional Weapons Training

In our Traditional Weapons Classes we focus primarily on Japanese and Okinawan weapons such as the Katana (Japanese Sword), Bokken (Wooden Sword), Bo (6' Staff), and Jo (4' Staff). We also train with, but are not limited to, the Escrima (Short Stick), Nunchacku, Sai, Tonfa, and Tanto (Knife)

Modern Weapons Training

In our Modern Weapons Classes we focus primarily on modern weapons such as Handguns, Assault Rifles and Edged Weapons. We offer the following courses involving these weapons:

Weapon Defenses (Empty Hand)
Weapon Defenses (Weapon vs. Weapon)
Weapon Tactics
Weapon Retention
Weapon Safety
Weapon Description/Handling
and more...

Class Times

Taught as part of our Kong Soo Do program
but under special occasions a person can attend only these classes
or can be taught as a Private Lesson
or Seminar.

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