"Teaching the Warrior Spirit through Self-Discipline and Self-Defense"



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Congratulations Kwan Jang
For Being Advanced to 7th Dan and
being recognized as the Founder of the
Chun Moo Kong Soo Do Association!!

Congratulations Kwan Jang for Your
Dedication to the Martial Arts for Over 30 Years!!
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Kwan Jang Travis Ginn has been an instructor and student of Tang Soo Do since the age of 12 and has been training in the martial arts since 1984. He currently holds a 7th Degree Black Belt in the art of Kong Soo Do, 7th Degree Black Belt in the art of Motobu-Ha Shito-Ryu, 6th Degree Black Belt in the art of Tang Soo Do, 5th Degree Black Belt in the art of Goshin Jitsu, 4th Degree Black Belt in the art of Hapkido and is the Chief Master Instructor of the Ho Sin Sool Dojang at the Traditional Martial Arts Center in Etowah, NC and the Founder of the Chun Moo Kong Soo Do Association. He is also a Sifu in the White Crane Tai Chi System. He teaches a variety of Seminars involving Self Defense and Tai Chi. In 2009 Master Ginn was voted "Master of the Year" in Tang Soo Do along with his school which was voted "Traditional Martial Arts School of the Year". Kwan Jang Ginn has studied arts such as Aikido, Isshin Ryu, Hun Gar, Wing Chun and Shorei Ryu to name a few. Kwan Jang Ginn has since dedicated his life to the martial arts and to passing down his knowledge to his students as it has been passed down to him through the long lineage of masters before him.

Article About Sahbom Nim Ginn

If you pick up one of Travis' brochures for his Dojang, the first thing you will read is the quote, "Teaching the Warrior Spirit through Self-Discipline and Self-Defense." "I'm not a person that does Martial Arts," explained Travis, "I am a Martial Artist. A warrior can be anybody. I teach the difference between healing and hurting is the intention and the intensity behind the action. A fighter seeks to hurt for self -gain and a warrior always walks the path of healing and growth." Travis undoubtedly embodies the warrior spirit educating everyone he encounters not only with his knowledge, but also with his mere presence. Always calm, every word he says and every movement he makes is methodical and heart-felt. His purpose, as he explains it, is his heart and Travis lives his life directly from his heart. Having been in the Martial Arts for 32 years, Travis has studied Tang Soo Do (in which he holds a 6th Degree Black Belt ), Tai Chi, Aikido, Hung Ga, Wing Chung, Isshin Rhu and the principles of Chinese Kenpo and other arts. He has taught hundreds if not thousands of students along the way. He started Martial Arts at the age of 12 while living in Cumming, Georgia. He had been reading and studying books about the Arts since the age of 6 and once he started his study under his teacher, Chuck Blackburn, it only took him 2 ½ years to make his Black Belt. He attributes this to the fact that he was extremely dedicated and committed to his practice, studying 6 days a week and always practicing extra hours on weekends and breaks from school. He began assistant teaching as an Orange Belt and as a Red Belt began being paid to teach. Once he made Black Belt, the school where he had been studying and teaching shut down, so he began teaching at a local gym until he graduated from high school. Only 20 days after graduation, Travis went into the Navy where he served for 4 years. While in the Navy, Travis worked as a jet mechanic servicing F14's ("Tom Cats") and EA-6B's ("Prowler") where he earned the rank of Aviation Machinist Mate Petty Officer 3rd Class. "I always wanted to be a pilot," shared Travis. "I wanted to be around that power!" He was stationed in the Philippines from 1990-1992; a time, he says, that helped to mold who he is today. He not only got to see what life was like in a third world country, but was living that life as well. "I realized that I have everything I'll ever need while some people live their lives with nothing," he said with his eyes downward cast…no doubt reminiscing as he was transported back to those days. As I talked with Travis it occurred to me that the "power" he was attracted to in jets, is the very power he discovered within himself through the practice of Martial Arts. He explained that at every base he was stationed he taught his Arts. Sometimes he had only one student, sometimes more, but he was always teaching and helping others discover that same power within themselves, unique to them. Upon leaving the Philippines, he was stationed in Washington State where he started a Martial Arts School in an aerobics facility. Travis has also taught in Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina. He made North Carolina his home in 1993. He opened a school in Asheville in January of 1998, just three months after the birth of his beautiful daughter, Alex. After moving that school several times to various locations, he finally landed in Horseshoe where he established Ho Sin Sool Dojang, The School of Self Defense, which he continues to run today with his partner, Shane Norris. Around 2004, Travis was working as a Computer Aided Drafting Technician, feeling there was a need to spread his Arts into the community. He decided to reach out to local retirement and assisted living communities by offering Tai Chi classes in an effort to help that population find health and balance rather than just teaching the physically fit. "I want to help people help themselves whether they're age 5, learning good morals and how to adapt to society, or 103 needing to have physical movement and confidence re-established in their lives." He emphasized. It was a noble effort on his part as he currently teaches classes at the following Retirement Communities and Assisted Living Centers: Aston Park, Laurels of Hendersonville, Golden Living, Lake Pointe Landing, Pine Park, Heritage Hills, Arden Woods and Heather Glenn. In addition he teaches Tai Chi at Brightwater Yoga, Fitness for Mind Body and Spirit, Cummings Cove Sport Complex and at St. Johns Wilderness Episcopal Church. Travis says he didn't intend to teach Tai Chi as much as he does, but it just came naturally to him and it spoke directly to his heart. "I had one lady who came into class at Heather Glenn with a walker. She kept the walker close by for her first few classes. Eventually she saw the opportunity to leave it in the corner of the room where she gave it the "stink eye" and it didn't stop there. I watched her progress from walker to cane and eventually from elevator to steps. My Tai Chi students have been my greatest teachers in Martial Arts." He gleamed. Another class that he holds close to his heart is the Self Defense class he teaches at his school. "I've always taught seminars on self-defense," he said, "but this was finally an opportunity to teach an on-going class!" He's taught the class for two years and it continues to be one of his favorite endeavors. "If you were to take the Martial Arts out of me, I'd fall down in a puddle of goo." Travis concluded. And I believe it. It's those people who find out what their passion is, earnestly pursue it, and enthusiastically share it with others that I consider to be warriors. Thanks for embodying the warrior spirit, Travis and for sharing your unique expression with us! We will all grow stronger and healthier because of you!

Article Written By
Leigh Ann Mertens
Brightwater Yoga