"Teaching the Warrior Spirit through Self-Discipline and Self-Defense"

Student and Parent Testimonials

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"Thank you for being an excellent teacher for my boys. Yes, thank you for being such a great teacher to our boys. We are proud that our children are learning from the best in Western North Carolina."
-Lee & Debbie-
Parents of the Month and Parents of two students in our Little Ninjas Program

"I trust Travis Ginn with my own family..."
Tai Chi Student

"Sahbom Nim Travis Ginn, Master instructor of the Ho Sin Sool Dojang, is a true master who preserves the essence and spirit of marital arts. I have had the honor of instructing along beside him in joint classes and have known him for over 30 years. He has been the most influential person in my teaching of the arts. He is one of the most talented instructors I have encountered and he remains humble in regards to his teaching and abilities. Time and time again we have trained together and I am still amazed by his vast knowledge and understanding of realistic combat. Its captivating to watch the precision and perfection of each movement as he moves effortlessly around the room. His care and patience with his students is priceless and he treats his students as if they are part of his family. I am proud to consider him my brother and he is the only instructor I would trust to teach my family as well as the members of the Gwinnett County Sheriffs Office Rapid Response Team and Executive Protection Detail."
Fellow Instructor and Brother in the Arts

"Great after school program. Our son loves it. Well structured environment with staff that cares about the students & their well being. Their focus on instilling respectfulness, discipline & self-esteem in the kids is the reason we send our son there."
Father of student in our After School Program

"The Masters here at Ho Sin Soil Dojang are incredible! They have the perfect balance of respect, discipline, and control the kids needs to learn. They care about the kids not only in class but they care about what they are doing when they are not in class as well. They want to get grade and behavior reports from school. They also like to know how their attitude and behavior is at home. They make a point to get to know each child and know every single one by name. This place is awesome and our family is proud to be part of it!"
Mother of student in our Kids with Kick Program

"This is a well ran school with instructors that are personable, friendly and most importantly, know their arts. a very good blend of traditional martial arts with modern concepts. This school hosts numerous workshops and seminars, so if you "don't do" martial arts on a daily basis, but still want to learn for self protection....check them out!"
Fellow Instructor

"Our son just started at Ho Sin Sool Dojang and we're so excited to watch him flourish there! Great staff and very nice facility!!"
Mother of student in our After School Program

"We love the Ho Sin Sool!!! The lessons my son has learned at the Ho Sin Sool are priceless. A bonus to it all is that it's great to tell my son that if he acts up I'm going to call Master Ginn. Behavior issues go away immediately. :)"

"I've been a student at this school for 6 years and have loved every moment of it! At the Ho Sin Sool Dojang you can develop yourself in any way and have an awesome time doing it! Whether you're looking for exercise, self-defense, spirituality or just a way to release some steam after a hard day, Ho Sin Sool Dojang has it all! You get what you put into it! I recommend this school to anyone for just about any reason!"

"As a parent i could not ask for a better place for my son to attend an after school program. The kids have fun and also a very structured environment to complete their homework and reading assignments. Both my son and myself also take advantage of the kids with kick and adult karate classes which are an awesome way to better yourself mentally and physically, not to mention making new friends as you go!"
Parent of a student in our After School Program

"I love Sahbom Nim [Ginn]! Sahbom Nim is awesome. He is a great teacher!"
Student in our After School Program

"If you are looking for reasonably priced summer camps for your kids, check out the HO SIN SOOL DOJANG in Etowah. Master Travis Ginn runs a great camp, where kids learn about things such as: health, exercise, respect, and the discipline of martial arts. Henry loves Master Ginn and Mr. Ce Koi-ya! It's my favorite camp for him! And I love how Henrys behavior is after a week of having to be respectful to everything around him! (He's a great kid anyhow, but he's learned a ton from this camp!!!)"
Student in our Kids with Kick Summer Camp

"Sooo.....yesterday Roger got a great evaluation from school. I am so proud of this little guy. I am so thankful to his teachers determination with the extra effort they put in to him....not that he is bad. But, .trying to decide what would work for Roger(I am sure there were others because she had her hands full) They diligently worked on him as did I. ..but before March, My son could careless if he got on a 0 or 1. Now he was never bad, just spirt out or something-----being a cocky kid. He did not care, there was not enough of a consequence for him between me and his teacher. Things started to change big time, Roger has been in karate since Sept. Well in March they had their belt test. This was a huge thing for him. I think he finally learned what it was like to work so hard and actually be tested and earn something. He took great pride and it became important for him to do good. His last 3 mos have been this awesome little guy growing up and taking responsibility. Not to mention his karate school started making the kids do wall squats for 15 min, I just had to go with it and my son did a few. He also had to answer to his karate teacher and he could not schmooze him. This was a huge thing, he did not want to disappoint him. This has been such a great thing I got my son into, hopefully a life long commitment."
Mother of student in our After School Program

"This place is soooo awsome and master ginn is such an awsome guy...everyone should go here. I know my little girl just started but she loves goin and was notnhappy with misssing but can't wait to go back...that takes a lot to do that to her. So I love this place and thank all who work there for what they do."

"We LOVE that [our son] feels so comfortable, like a home away from home at the dojang, with great friends and adults he trusts. I can tell he is extremely comfortable being himself there, and that is what is important. Anything else: merely details"
Mother of student in our After School Program

"It's awesome!!! The instructors are great, and very understanding. The best place by far to learn self defense!!!"

"This is an awesome place to learn karate I have learned so much on how to defend myself"

"Best in WNC."

"I like the instructors they are friendly and helpful I also like that it is helpful with alot I like going every week unless something comes up and I will keep coming till I can't"

"This is the best place to learn martial arts self discipline and to learn something new each time your there I believe in myself and friends that we can achive anything if we believe in each other."

"Awesome place for kids!!!"

"Excellent martial art program with personable instructors. If you are interested in martial arts and live in the region, you should check it out!"
-Bill (Martial Arts Instructor in Jacksonville, FL)-

"Kids with Kick is a great program for children to learn reasonable self defense but also to improve their confidence, respect for authority and self control."

"My daughter Hattie has been a student at the Ho Sin Sool Dojang for almost 6 years now. She has been in contact with Sahbom Nim Ginn and Sensei Norris as much or more than other infulential adults in her life and has great admiration and respect for them. She has learned so much more than Martial Arts here. I could list many more, but a few key life lessons would consist of; respect for her "fellow man", respect for her environment, all life is precious, HOW and WHEN to defend herself, when to speak and when to not speak and how to have fun while learning. I feel that being a part of this school, along with other influences, she is gaining knowledge and power to help her not only cope with the world around her but contribute to the enrichment of the same. Thank you Sahbom Nim Ginn and Sensei Norris for all your time, training and compassion toward your students. Looking forward to a future filled with the same!"

"My son was extremely lucky to have practiced martial arts at this dojang (as a member of Kids with Kick). The instructors are amazing with the children! My son in two years have built self confidence, learned respect and is understanding at a young age what self discipline is all about. I can't say enough about this school! We had to relocate and the instructors are working to find my son a martial arts school that will fit my family's needs. They care about there students whether they are enrolled in the school or not. It saddens me that my son will not work towards his black belt at So Sin Sool's Dojang. Although, I know these instructors care so much about there students that they are just a phone call away. Having my son in martial arts in a wonderful investment for his future!"

"Your Women's Self Defense Class this afternoon was awesome! Thank you!"

"Love the boot camp classes! They help me understand and expand my limitations. Starts out smoothly, but doesn't take long for a person to begin challenging themselves. Can't get enough of them, I feel stronger and quicker with every class! Thank you Mr.Ginn, you are truly a great teacher!"

"This blog is inspiring to me. Thank you for sharing, Sahbomnim."
-Dee (referring to the blog, "The Crossroads...The Path of a Teacher")-

"Ho Sin Sool Dojang is in Etowah and is a great school! Travis the teacher is awesome!"

"Great program, great teachers and wonderful kids."
-Kari about the Lil' Ninjas Program-

"Ok,,l finally went--years since the gym!---a few of my friends are saying.."finally" Worst shape of my life, But you have to go! Fun time, Travis has the patience of a saint! Dragging the kids! (they will be thankful!!) **A joy to find someone who LOVES his job!!~ see you again!"
-Jennifer about the Martial Arts Boot Camp-

"Thank you to Master Travis Ginn for your guidance and patience throughout the years! This is just the beginning!"
-Jonathan after receiving his Black Belt-

"We all here at "GL" think you are the greatest!! Thank you for all you do to enhance the lives of our residents."
-Debbie of a Local Senior Home-

"The school has helped me incredibly wih getting through some things in my life. It has taught me perseverence, responsibility, endurance, and many other things. I have made some incredible friends that I hope I can keep in touch with for a long time. I also love the fact Mr. Ginn lets the students help make decisions for input regarding the school"

"For my son in the "Kids with Kick" class, both Master Ginn and Master Norris give the children their all and these kids thrive! For two hours a week and each day at home my son has a ball learning forms, spending his energy on somethin he really loves and I can feel good about. He can grow with it too. There's a sense of family at the Dojang. That's the key. The parents hang out and chat, the children learn and grow, help each other and strengthen their skills. It's a community not a corporation. We love it all. Namaste"

"The Women's Self defense classes transitioned me through a rough spot on my life journey and the benefits have continued to enhance my spirituality, physical health and perspective in general. Master Ginn is an insightful, dynamic insructor who connects wtih his students in a personal way essential to the process of building trust, building the power within, creating a warrior spirit inside a woman or young lady who may have not tapped into what she has...what she can do. Anyway, the Dojang ha been a wonderful inspiraton for me."

"Being in the Women's Self Defense and Tang Soo Do classes have taught me to be more confident in myself. Thank you Master Ginn!"

"I broke my first board today! (Palm Heel) It was awesome. Thanks for the knowledge."

"Kids with Kick has given my son a balance point to all the craziness of the 6 year old boy's world. Between Bakugan, nerf wars and the ever shifting peer/pal rule book, the skills taught him by Master Norris and Master Ginn give him center, the choice to be self controlled and a sense of belonging that really is rare in our world today. This isn't just a school, this is a family and I feel fortunate to watch not only my child, but all the children, grow into their personal power under the firm, wise and very loving care of their Masters. HAP-KI! TANG-SOO!"

"My child Izabelle attends martial arts training at The Traditional Martial Arts Center in the Kids With Kick program. When we enrolled her I hoped she would gain a little more confidence in herself. Not only have we noticed her confidence is up but she looks forward to attending class. I myself have taken several martial arts over the years, but have never met instructors with the patience and ability to mentor as well as Master Darren Norris and Master Travis Ginn. I consider The Traditional Martial Arts Center,Aikido Hapkido of Hendersonville and Ho Sin Sool Dojang to be assets to our community."

"Dee Cromer My most favorite thing about Ho Sin Sool Dojang is the teaching & the philosophy behind the teaching. The dojang has a welcoming feeling, home, and everyone there is with you for you. All of this goes in line with the teaching as well. When I say teaching, I just don't mean forms & moves in the martial arts. There is something much deeper _ the spiritual. Thank You SahBomNim Ginn! TANG SOO!"

"The doors are always open and there are "friends and family" waiting and glad to see you. Instructors of different levels excited to teach and students ready to learn. Cross Training was and is, always exciting!!! It's great to break down the walls and see a different technique to add to our toolbox. TANG SOO!!!"

"The wonderful Tai Chi training, demonstrated and taught by Mr. Travis Ginn, has been an outstanding opportunity for me to learn and experience this most terrific and dynamic Martial Art! I've only missed a few training sessions, (at Bright Water Yoga Studio) due-to a leaking roof and, to re-paint the ceilings afterwards! I'm very glad to call Travis "Sahbom"! Namaste"

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