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Habits That Evangelists Can Turn Into Soul Winning Tools.

Habits That Evangelists Can Turn Into Soul Winning Tools.

Habits That Soul winners Can Turn Into Soul Winning Tools.

There’s more to soul-winning than what meets the eye. The task doesn’t involve a schedule of programs where you go about preaching. It is a lifestyle. You must lead a life that is pleasing to God by sharing his word at any slight opportunity. The people empowered to do this job can have an easier time spreading the gospel and bringing home lost souls through varying soul-winning tools. However, you must possess some vital qualities to gain authority to preach in front of people. They will make you more courageous as people will also want to listen to the teachings that you give.


Before you embark on the soul-winning journey, you must first have a sound understanding of the gospel. You cannot teach what you don’t know. There are different approaches you can take to equip yourself with all the beneficial knowledge. There are pieces of training that you can undertake to expand your experience on the bible. All the messages that you will be giving to people have to originate from the holy book. Unless you have studied and fully understood each verse, you will face challenges on the way. The other option is to take professional courses on philosophy. It will enable you to take the task from a personal level. You will get soul winning tools of how to approach people and handle setbacks. You will learn how to handle rejection as it may come up. Through learning, you will grow spiritually and will face the task boldly.


Soul-winning is a responsibility that comes with lots of uncertainties. Whether you plan to meet people in groups or one on one, there is still no guarantee that things will go as planned. Most of the people that you will talk to will have no clue about salvation. If you want to win them, you must exercise patience. When dealing with people who take a lot of time to comprehend the message, do not give up but rather persist. Encourage them to speak up if they have any concerns that require clarifications. Use a language they understand to make the process smoother. While on the mission, there is a high possibility of facing rejection. Jesus went through such a circumstance. Did he give up? No, he didn’t; instead, he kept on preaching without seizing. Such factors should motivate you to try again and again. If you do so, you will notice some people softening up and becoming forthcoming to the teachings.


Godliness is one of the vital soul winning tools that every evangelist must possess. A soul winner lives their life in the limelight. Therefore, their lifestyle must conform to the teachings being given. They must live like Jesus. Being selfless and always ready to help others when the need arises. If they are a part of any church, they should participate in the programs actively without fail. Leading by example will elevate them to a position where the crowds will want to learn more from them.

Living by example and employing the relevant techniques can help to achieve positive results.

How To Evangelize And Have A Smoother Time.

How To Evangelize And Have A Smoother Time.

Evangelizing is a lovely but intimidating process. Although you have goals to achieve, the uncertainty of people’s reactions keeps most people from doing it. The mission demands that you share the gospel with other people, particularly non-believers who might not share a similar interest. The aim is to make them join the bandwagon and believe more in the works of Jesus Christ. Well, this isn’t a task that you can wake up and decide to unravel. It is imperative to plan and have strategies that will guide you along the way.

Self Preparation.

Although you have intentions for everyone, you might likely face some rebellion along the way. What do you do in such a case, go home and never evangelize again? It is not the best decision to take. Preparing yourself for all the activities is the only way to help you have a positive mind towards any setback. Talk to people who have done the job before. They can shed more light on the happenings and disclose the approaches they took to handle negativity. Keep your mind open for any reactions. While some might be willing to listen, others will see it as a waste of time. Not everyone you talk to is of the same religion as you. Suppose you come across such people, apologize for the inconvenience, and walk away. With such an attitude towards the purpose, you will learn how to evangelize through practical experience. Also, gather all the materials that you will require for this task. Print out the supplies, have intact links that you might want to share. Work on aspects that most people can relate to in everyday life. It is easier for non-believers to connect through elements where they have a first-hand experience. Create a list of questions to ask for you to try and start a conversation.

Choose A Time And Place.

Evangelizing is a fulfilling process. However, the goal is only achievable if you set the correct measures to go about it. One possible way of how to evangelize is through working with an appropriate time and place. If you plan to spread the work, ensure the site you will visit has a high turnover of people. If you can manage to talk to more people simultaneously, you can beat time. There are two methods to take. You plan for a meeting where people would come to you or go out and look for them. The second option comes with challenges as you have to break the ice and start new conversations. Working with a crowd is more straightforward, but you also have to follow up through personal messages and get responses. The main goal is to expound people’s knowledge about God’s words. Use personal testimonials to ascertain they understand the lessons.

Learning how to evangelize without getting discouraged along the way is one way to becoming a better person. The tips above will help you in this path, and without a doubt, you will forge on more lively and determined than ever.

How To Share Your Faith With Others

Many people are confused about how to share your faith with others. While there are many ways to share your faith, your daily actions will go further if you act out what you truly believe in. It’s one thing to tell someone about your faith, but, it’s quite another to show your faith.

The word faith, which comes from Latin, means to place full and complete trust in something or someone. Those who are sharing their faith are placing their full and complete trust in God. For those who are seeking peace, faith is an excellent starting point.

In Hebrews 11:1 “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen”. No one has ever seen the face of God. Yet, many have faith that God does truly exist. Just like air, we know that it’s there and yet we can’t see it. Faith is a testament to believing in something that exists yet remains unseen.

Sharing your faith with others can help to ease stress and unrest. With so much going on in the world today, faith in God is becoming more important than ever. Faith is the main ingredient to having a relationship with God. Faith keeps us linked to Him and makes God a reality.

How To Share Your Faith With Others

Sharing your faith can be done in many ways. It can be done by simply living the lifestyle that you’re trying to share. It can be done by compassionate caring and helping others who may have less than we do. Faith is an important step in sharing our testimony with others.

Many mistake faith for hope. It’s important to note the difference. Faith is hope or trust that is belief based and not reliant on knowing something for sure. Hope, on the other hand, is based on an optimistic attitude. Faith is reliant on believing in what you’re teaching or showing others.

Sharing your faith is important if you’re trying to win souls and encourage others. Not everything ends up as we want it to. However, if we have faith, we know that it will all work out in the end. Faith is a lifestyle of trust and belief in God and His teachings.

Little children display faith from an early age. The infant who cries has faith that a parent will come and feed, change, and nurture them. This is perhaps a great display of faith. The child who falls and scrapes his or her knee has faith that mommy can fix it. Understanding faith is tantamount to sharing our faith with others.

When we look at faith from this perspective, we can find new and more meaningful ways to share faith with others. When considering how to share your faith with others this is perhaps the most ideal example of faith. The more we share, the easier it becomes. And, when necessary, we can use words to share our faith with others. Faith, by example, is perhaps the best way to share with others what we believe in.

Soul Winning Methods. Practical Approaches Towards The Course.

Soul Winning Methods. Practical Approaches Towards The Course.

Soul Winning Methods. Practical Approaches Towards The Course.

The bible teaches about winning souls and bringing more people to the light. Jesus himself undertook this task diligently. In his life, he worked with disciples to try and reach a comprehensive coverage. He spent his days teaching about the ways of God, the right path to follow, and the consequences of sin. Christians have the task to continue this job and win more souls. The world currently has changes, thus the need to use up-to-date soul winning methods. Most people tend to get caught in life hassles. They live by working to pay bills to meet the needs of their families. Soul winners can go out and engage them in their free time to try and bring them back to Christ. Below are some methods that can ease this task.

Show Them The Path To Destruction.

One can never see the sense of getting rescued until they know they are lost. The bible clearly states that no one is righteous. Only God himself is worthy enough to vindicate people of their sins. When on your mission to winning souls, first ensure that you help people understand the right path to follow. Through hearty talks, have them open up on the different aspects touching their lives. Once you get the information, expound on the topic of sin. Talk about how evil came to human beings and the consequences. You can give examples straight from the bible. Jesus, himself faced temptation so many times. Christians face these provocations in varying ways. But what do they do to overcome them? Most people fall into sin ignorantly. According to God’s rules, having a sound understanding of these harmful aspects can help them stay a righteous life. Once they understand they have been living a life that isn’t fulfilling, they will want to change.

Preach On Hope.

Despite all the entanglements that Christians might find themselves in, they need to know there’s a way out. Having hope and trusting in God is the good news they will want to hear. These soul winning methods are quite encouraging and will bring more people closer to God. Living a good life is no payment sufficient to get you a ticket to heaven. God sacrificed his only son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for the sins of the world. By trusting and believing in his vast works, any lost soul can see the kingdom of God. The death of Jesus was God’s manifestation of his love for humans. The only task that is on the table is to live following the rules of God. Follow the examples of Jesus, who led a selfless life. This life comes with the need to amass wealth and power. Help them understand that all these things they try to gain are earthly belongings and will remain here. There are only two paths to follow. One leads to heaven, and the other goes to hell.

God loves all his children, even the sinners. Once they denounce their sinful ways, he will always welcome them to his kingdom.

Ideas On How To Start Soul Winning

Ideas On How To Start Soul Winning

There is nothing like having peace in your heart knowing that you are saved through God’s grace. That peace can take you through all kinds of struggles in your life. You wish the people in your life can know what it feels like to have peace in their hearts because you see them struggle everyday with their problems. Well, now that you have the message in your heart, you have a task to share that message and to bring people to Christ. Here are some ideas on how to start soul winning.

A good way to start is by setting an example through your daily actions. A lot of people do not like to be preached to. If you talk a lot, they might not listen. However, you can deliver a message through your actions. Live a life centered on God. Show compassion to others. Be generous and helpful. Put the needs of others before your own needs. Thank God often for what He has given you. Let others know that you are not able to do these things without God by your side. When people see this example in you, they will see that your message about God’s love is genuine.

Another suggestion is that you want to look for an opportunity when the person is in need of support. Those who reach out for help are wonderful opportunities. If a person is hungry, get him some food. If he is cold, give him a coat. Let the person know that it is only through God’s generosity and love toward you that you are able to share this with him. This is a good time to share God’s message of salvation and how it has given you peace, peace that you want the person to have too. Pray with him and ask God to open his heart. The person will be touched through this gesture. Even if he does not say that he accepts God into his life in that moment, it is okay because God will work in his heart.

If you can, follow up with the individuals whom you have helped. They still remember your acts of kindness and the message about God’s salvation. Ask them if they need anything. Give them an opportunity to talk. If appropriate, bring along a brother or sister from your church community to offer assistance too. Invite the person to the church community that you are part of. Reach-out events are perfect for these opportunities.

There is not one perfect approach when it comes to how to start soul winning. It really depends on the situation and the environment that you are in. There are some common elements, however. Be genuine and humble when you talk to others. Show compassion and understanding when they tell you about their problems, and never judge them. Offer support and assistance, giving credit to God as your source of strength. You are planting the seed of the message in their hearts. God will make that seed grow.